Welcome to the NTA Television College Students' Registration Portal

Welcome to the NTA Television College students registration portal. All services on this portal are restricted, hence, only authenticated users can access them. Please login.

Download Registration Guidelines

  1. Enter Student Registration/Matric Number and a Password (123456 as default, if not yet changed), then click on the button Login.

    After successful login, an authorized student would be taken to his dashboard

  2. You must supply all the required information under Profile menu before you proceed to pay school fees

    NB: Ensure you supply correctly, all relevant information as failure to do so may hinder smooth usage of the portal

    Again, you are expected to change your password to something else that you cannot forget

  3. For school fees payment, click on the menu Fees

    When clicked, the history of the logged in student payments’ history is displayed.

  4. Click on the appropriate session to be paid for. Example, 2018/2019, then you will be navigated to a page where you have an option of making 100% or 50% of the scheduled payment
  5. Clicking any of the two options take you to the payment details with a payment link that will link the payer to his/her preferred payment method (Remita or Bank collect)

    NB: Copy the RRR Generated from Remita Platform to any Bank to pay or proceed by making use of your Debit Card to pay

    • They may appear as "nice people who want to help you", but never you trust any stranger with your card details!
    • Do not ever give your card or reveal your card number, card PIN or password to anybody whatsoever!
    • Being careless about this advice could result into all monies in your account being stolen by strangers!
  6. On successful payment, you can now click on Course Registration to register your courses for the first and second semester. Note that the registration period is set in this portal, failure to register within the stipulated time, you may have to seek for administrative approval